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Client Testimonials

Susan H.

Global Enterprise Client Partner

FranklinCovey | Eastern Region


As an Account Manager for FranklinCovey, I have had the pleasure of working with Maria Moss at Gulfstream for the past five years. 

The enthusiasm and energy that Maria brings to her work is contagious.  I always look forward to working with Maria on projects because of the genuine excitement she has about helping others learn and develop in their careers.  She has facilitated our content for five years both domestically and internationally to hundreds of participants who I know felt the same enthusiasm and drive to improve. Maria is always in a good mood and she clearly wants to do what’s best for her internal clients and the business overall.

Miriam H.

Community Relations Consultant

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp


For the last 3 years I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from Maria Moss. I have benefited many times from the leadership courses she led. Whenever I knew Maria would be the Senior Training Specialist leading a class I had registered for; I knew it would be a fun-filled day that would be high energy and high results oriented.

Her upbeat personality, humor and top notch organization skills make her easy and fun to work with. She is a total ‘people person’ and has a terrific way of getting her voice across and making everyone feel comfortable with sharing different opinions and coming to a consensus.

I had the pleasure of working more closely with Maria on a Community Partner Training project. We organized leadership and management learning sessions for nonprofit leaders in the community multiply times throughout the year. This unique group raved about Maria and the classes she led. Working with nonprofit agencies is a true passion for Maria and I knew she took on this extra project voluntarily because of her desire to give back to the community.

Neil B.

SVP & General Manager Completions Center

Basel Flughafenstrasse



It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Maria.  She is one of the most dynamic and engaging personalities I have had the pleasure to work with.  Maria played a significant part in the advancement of my business unit and company’s future.  Maria personally tailored and executed a plan that suited our needs here in Basel, and in particular the Basel site. 

Maria’s skills in the development of the program, endless enthusiasm and absolute professionalism were key to a successful outcome for the business.  It was also clear to me that her ability to listen, verbally communicate and engage learning in the classroom environment came with years of experience.  She was so successful in her task here, my Jet Aviation colleagues in the U.S. picked up the program that she developed and she facilitated a learning experience for them also.  It is a credit to Maria’s talent and experience that allowed us to get to this level.

Sharon P.

Director of Talent and Organization Development
Gulfstream Aerospace


I have had the opportunity to have Maria as part of my Gulfstream University team for over 5 years. Maria was a dedicated member of Gulfstream University. She leads by example and is a loyal colleague to those who work with her. She has a very strong work ethic, and her positive energy and passion is contagious. She can be trusted to take the initiative and make things happen with very little oversight. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and our department, and well as the overall business. She has an excellent reputation in the business and is comfortable presenting and facilitating all levels within the organization. She was hand selected by the Leadership Team to present at the annual Ops symposium in front of over 400 people. Her presentation was considered the best, based on feedback from the participants.

On the podium, Maria can captivate the attention of anyone. She consistently received high remarks and feedback from her participants. She also led a partnership with our sister company and traveled extensively on a global scale representing Gulfstream and Gulfstream University.

In my 8 year tenure at Gulfstream, I have worked with many Gulfstream associates. With great confidence I can say that Maria is among the best.


EmpowerHER Global Podcast - Maria Moss -Phoenix Leadership Solutions
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